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Fashion isn’t just about putting on clothes, balancing colours and combining materials. How you dress represents expression, application, freedom and conquest. Breaking the norm or embracing it. Fighting battles and winning them.

get inspired and inspire others

With items that have deep meaning and tell our story. Items that remain with us for a long time. Heralds of great memories. Doors that open onto the horizon. Fashion for a better tomorrow.

Ethical, responsible and inclusive.

Work in progress

For several years Claudie Pierlot has been making every effort to change its production methods towards more sustainable options. Although there is still progress to be made, it's important for us to highlight everything that we've done already, in particular since the launch of the CLAUDIE CARES project 4 years ago.


in 2019

This is what our environmentally friendly items from the Winter 2019 collection represent.

in 2022

This is the percentage of our clothing with environmentally responsible characteristics that we're offering in our winter collection this year.

ready-to-wear lines.

Products with the Claudie Cares label are manufactured from material where the main characteristics are certified by independent bodies and/or are made using processes that have a lesser environmental impact than traditional processes.


The label that we use for the leather on Claudie Cares products demonstrates the environmentally friendly properties of the production sites for these leather types. Since winter 2020, all of the leather used for our ready-to-wear clothing has been certified. This will soon be the case for all of our accessories.


The label used for down for Claudie Cares products refers to duck and goose down produced at farm level. This guarantees animal welfare (prohibition of force feeding and live plucking in particular) as well as traceability right through to the final product as a result of the certification of all stakeholders in the production chain.


Certain Claudie Cares products are made using wool certified with a label that demonstrates the standards of the farms where the sheep are raised. This label guarantees animal welfare and improved pasture management as well as traceability right up to the final product as a result of certification of all stakeholders present in the production chain.


Our recycled materials are certified by labels that guaranteed the presence and quantity of the recycled composition in the final product and verify that environmental and social factors are met.


The certification for viscose, acetate or triacetate in Claudie Cares products has its basis in the sustainable production of wood (from which cellulose is extracted) through to the sustainable management of forest resources. In this way the origin of the cellulose is traced from the forest right to the product.


Our materials grown from organic sources bear labels certifying that the fibres are traceable from the field right through to the finished product.

Forever no

We've said no to fur and exotic leather*, to alpaca** and ornamental feathers, as there is no suitable label at present that monitors production. Therefore we do not order these materials from our suppliers.

*We continue to use leather and sheepskin when these are by-products of food production (beef, pork etc.) allowing us to use these by-products in a sustainable, natural way. In our Winter 2022 collection, more than 80% of items using leather contain leather from a certified source.
**As part of our Claudie Cares programme, we promote the use of recycled materials coming our suppliers to create exquisite fabrics that are totally adapted to our collections. As a result of this process, some of our materials may contain traces of other fibres


more responsible denim

We've been introduced to a new environmentally friendly process by one of our suppliers. Their machines use much less water, which allows us to make more environmentally friendly denim. So what savings have we made? Up to 95% less water used depending on washing temperature compared to the previous process.

Today all our jeans are made from organically grown or recycled cotton and have been produced using optimised processes.

Designed in Paris

All Claudie Pierlot collections are designed in our workshops in Paris. We make the prototypes for the majority of our designs in our design studio, draw up our exclusive patterns and develop our outfits. This is true added value that highlights French expertise and a unique vision. We use the best suppliers from all around the world to go from design to production.


52% of Winter 2022 items are made or sourced from the Europe/Mediterranean area, with a constant desire to leverage high-quality expertise. 100% of Winter 2022 items is produced in Portugal, which is a country well known for its expertise in shoemaking. For some specific products, such as mesh from China, a section of the items is produced in Asia. We prioritise road and sea transport, and air freight represents less than 8% of goods transported.

We have signed up to the United Nations Global Compact.

As a responsible stakeholder, we have formalised our requirements for our suppliers, particularly in the area of human rights, through our General Conditions of Sale and our Supplier Code of Conduct.
By signing these documents, our suppliers commit to respect the entirety of clauses set out in these documents, as well as to have them respected by subcontractors.
Our requirements for ethical matters are shared through our Ethics Charter.
We conduct regular audits using independent third-party experts to ensure commitments are met.
Claudie Pierlot teams also travel to vendors every season to guarantee the quality of the production and to maintain trust with our suppliers, with some relationships ongoing for 10 years or more.


We want to continue in a transparent manner, which is why we have partnered with Fairly Made, an independent French company set up by two women.

By scanning the product QR code, it is now possible to view information relating to each stage of the product's manufacture: the origin of raw materials, processing and clothing factories, even the number of kilometres your item has travelled - the factsheet given shows a fully transparent product history.

This QR code will be displayed on more than 100 items for the Winter 2022 collection. The aim is 100% traceability for our products by 2025!

Targeting zero destruction

Since the end of 2019, a law passed by the Senate and the National Assembly has banned the destruction of unsold goods. This is an approach that we started back in 2016.

Unsold goods are put on sale in our outlets or entrusted to our destocking partners, then donated to charities. This supports the fight against AIDS, furthers breast cancer research and reintegrates women into the workforce. These are historical commitments with organisations that we support on a long-term basis.

Women at the heart of our process

Claudie Pierlot is above all else a woman; creative, independent and free. So it's only natural that the company is made up of 85% female staff, including management and executive roles.

Our community commitments

It is important that Claudie Pierlot is involved with associations that place women at the centre of their concerns.
This is why we work with associations such as ASAO, UNESCO, Toutes à L’école and Anno’s Africa.

Reality principle


We have committed to not use the term 'nude' to denote a specific colour, as there are as many shades of nude as there are skin tones.


We support the recruitment of staff from a range of backgrounds, with different socio-economic status, culture, age, religion, gender and sexual orientation as well as people with visible or non-visible disabilities. We also support their development within the company through training that is tailor made for each profession.


We seek diversity in casting for our campaigns and the profiles of influencers that we work with.